Nativity Angel by Max Hulme | Origami Angel

Nativity Origami Angel Angel by Max Hulme

Nativity Angel by Max Hulme | Origami Angel.
Designer: Max Hulme. Variation “Wings Up”, Folder and Photographer: @Origami_Kids.
Difficulty level: Medium. Time to fold 45 min. 28 steps. Folded from one classic cream uncut square origami paper, about 25cm x 25cm.
Is it going to be an origami angel that’ll top your Christmas tree this yearj? If you’re going with an angel, then why not personalize it a bit by making it yourself? Check out this cool origami video to see how to fold an easy origami angel for Christmas.

Diagram on BOS – Welcome to the 40th anniversary BOS convention – 2007 Pages: 94-97.
Learn how to fold this Origami Angel, it’s suitable as bautifulle ornament.

Origami Nativity Angel by Max HulmeVariation “Wings Up” by @Origami_Kids

Max Hulme is an Origami Artist that emerged as a creative folder in the mid 70’s. For several years astounded the origami world with his lifelike 3D designs as well as some astonishing technical achievements, including a Jack-in-the-box and several magnificent Nativity Scenes.

How to fold the Nativity Angel by Max Hulme | Origami Angel

Option 1. Recommended by @origami_kids
Option 2.
Google has a lot of information. Through a Google search I found this web site:
How to fold Here!
If you decide to use it, you will leave to another site, and what you do next is on your own responsibility.
Option 3. Video Tutorials
Part 1 of 3


1 - Autor: Kenichi Rivas
Category: Entertainment
Published: 2011-11-18

Nativity Angel
Diseño por Max Hume
Parte 1: http:/ / vDn5X.jpg
Parte 2: http:/ / 6ZPNW.jpg

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11: 04:32
12: 04:52
13: 06:05
14: 17:18
15: 08:14
16: 09:26
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18: 10:06
19: 10:29

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Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

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